Born In the Wrong Decade...

I see myself as a Hippie.  Do you?

I have gone through some horrible changes with my group of friends over the past year and the thing that is helping to keep me feeling grounded is my love for Nature, Earth, Colour, Animals, and my Fiance.  Of course, the last one is personal but for the most part I try to lead a very natural life with a lot of self motivation and self love (still learning this one!) 

I always loved every bit of the 60's that lingered in my home as I grew up in the 80's.  My Mom and Dad were into the music business in the 60's & 70's.  I feel like, even though I grew up in the wrong decade I sponged as much from my parents as I could.  I never felt comfortable in my own skin until I really realised where my beliefs stem from. 

I would be so excited if anyone feels the same way, I would love to chat or maybe just learn your personal experiences.

Thank you for listening to my "blab" but it feels awesome to get it off my chest!  Thanks again! 



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I was defently born in the wrong decade...i dont agree with really anything thats happining now days like them spraying chemical c-59 in the clouds to control the weather and all the chemicals they put in our water...i dont agree with how there teaching kids in school about some crazy bang in space that never happened and dismissing god and uhh...defently the way things are made now days hahahaha you'll spend 50,000 dollors on a car and they wont even give you metal hubcaps or a chrome bumper...and i dont agree with how everything is about money and greed and how our government is hiding so many things about area-51 wiuth the ufo's and...i hate the 21st centry! thats all i can say...i hate the music...i hate the styles and i hate the way people always push each other around and look at you by the amount of money you have instead of the person you really are and i also hate the fact that barely anybody believes in the great lord above yea...i was defently born in the wrong decade hahaha

I totally agree!!! I have always felt this way about myself! I love everything about the 60's!!! Peace, Love and Rock n' Roll!!!!!

Hi, Rosemoss here again, I reread your comment and wondered how you are doing in your search for like minded friends?What are your goals and inspirations for your life? I was/am a hippie although I do not label myself all that often. Losing labels to me is part of the process of discovering ones true self. I am willing to dialog about this if you wish or just give an occasional comment.My sister is living more of my ideals as far as making music and being creative than I ever accomplished but I am OK with that. Keep on keeping on!! Peace is still possible, it begins with you. Love and light,<br />

I know I am answering this late but have been out of the loop for awhile. I lived the hippie era and think it is wonderful when younger people look back and try and connect with the ideals of that generation.It was not all sex, drugs and rock and roll, but a very wide mixture of spirit and friendship and alternative lifestyles and exploring consciousness. among other things!! <br />
An old hippy,<br />

Right on, mama! You have brought hope to my heart that searching for those like me and my husband is not so hard to do. I just have to find the right place to look. Thanks so much!

I am a fellow hippie! I was born to late :(. You aren't alone.

Thank you! We CAN do it together! My husband and I are definitely a new breed and we love it! We do feel a little bit alone sometimes in our "hippie world" but it's people like you that can bridge the gap and our lives will all come together in the end! If we all were a little bit kinder to our fellow man and tried to understand the beauty of our world (and smoked a few more joints!) this world would be heaven on earth! Take care!