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Where Are All The Teen Hippies!?!?!?!?

ok i am 14 years old and live in a small town i can never find people like myself i feel like a hippie born in the wrong decade im looking for friends so if u feel the same please comment im looking for people from the ages 14-17 !!!!!!!
Lexylovechild Lexylovechild 13-15 7 Responses Nov 25, 2012

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same here girl ! I'm 17 and no one around here seems to get it!

I am going through the same exact thing!! I wish I was born in the 70's but it is what it is aye, anyways are you in New Zealand???

Hi, my names Lexi and I am also 14! I'm in the same situation as you being the only one around here with this gifted way of thinking. (Sorry I'm very late responding :p)

U in the usa ? Im in canada manand im also a hippie born in the wrong decade man

I'm a little late responding, but I completely agree!! I live in CO, I'm also 14, a freshman.. I dress, believe, dress, and act like a hippie, I only listen to old music and such, because that's who I am. How many people are like me? 0. Got to love it right? I agree with harley, I wish I'd been born in late 40's or possibly early early-mid 50's just so I could fully experience the hippie times.. Perhaps our meaning here is to make a difference like harley said. Maybe we'll find someone like us, someone to hang around with. I truly hope so...

I know exactly how you feel.... It completely sucks.. But we have to get through it because we're all in this together

i feel the same way.......its good to know though that im not the only one here..........i feel like i should of been born in the late 1940's.....that way id be the age i am not in the late 60's ya know hahaha..........but then again maybe god chose us.......the hippies of the 21st centry to make a difference in this confused world..........people are so caught up anymore in the evil energy thats all around us.......and they dont even know it........we gotta shine bring.....bright enough for the world to see us........and then we can make a difference.......alot of times we dont even know it but......our energy spreads to the people around us......peaceful energy is what i like to spread.........the lord guides me on a path everyday......with people who he wants me to be around.......and spread that energy time we will make a difference.......but me.....i have that the lord will bring me too people just like me.......