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Where Are My People

I can't seem to find anyone with functional values: truth, peace, acceptance & love. It's so stuffy & uncomfortable everywhere I go! Where is it that people accept each other & love everyone for no other reason than being free. It's so disapointing to venture to be in the presence of others and only experience scrutiny. I embrace variance as a bonus for human interaction. Where is the happiness for no other reason than love itself? The simple joy of souls' interaction is looked over. It is more important apparently what one looks like for most. no one can get past that to experience the real & it's so sad.
hjpet hjpet 26-30, F 2 Responses Dec 8, 2012

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I think you have to keel positive and not settle for less than average people. And the guy saying I wait for the lord to guide me will be waiting forever. You have to go out and adventure it's your life and you choose to make it good or bad and be with the people that you want to be around. It's only as good as you make it

i hear what your saying......i cant seem to find that connection in the city people are so judgemental.....not everyone but.......i can imagine what they say about me when im not around ya know hahaha.......personaly i just ask the lord to guide me everyday.......i have faith that he will bring me to people like that in time.......and i have faith that he will bring me and this friend ive been wanting to find for years thats just like me togather.......i dont know if you have faith in god or not but.....i had to let you know that your not the only one out there that feels this way......ive met alot of people in the last year and........well.......not many of them i can call my TRUE friends.....thats for sure hahaha one kid left me on the side of the road because he was cold one morning.......i was tired.....couldant do much at all.....i was riding all day just about hahaha had no sleep that night...........but in the end of it just showed me what kind of person he is ya know..........lord willing we both find friends that we know will be there for us ya know........i have faith......