Hitch Hiking In Fall Of 94

It all started doing illegal activities. Eighteen, never had a taste of freedom before, and a lot of misdirected energy. We made a good chunk of money at a harvest festival in NW Ohio, bought a VW van and headed for Grateful dead tour!
First stop, Boston,MA. Now I had been to a couple of shows, that summer, but never been to a city show . Now that was an eye opener. We spent seven nights there and realized that our van wasnt the most reliable. We also managed to pick up more people, one of witch gave us all lice.
Next stop was Philadelphia, PA. This stop wasnt all that eventful, though I did run into some people from my hometown. I also started to learn how to juggle devil sticks there. I helped a guy sell some in Boston and he gave me a set.
Then comes Phish tour. Most of my craziest experiences started hear! At the time, they were playing smaller venues. I actually got into my first show in Pittsburgh, PA. They were playing at recreational center at a local collage. There were two sides to the rec center; an auditorium and a sports center. We walked around the building until we herd the sound of a basketball in the gymnasium. I knocked on the door and to my surprise a girl opened the door. I explained to her that we were trying to get into the Phish show, and asked her to let us in. I was really surprised when she obliged! We eventually found the main entrance to the building. There was a pull down gate, like a fence, that seperated the two parts. After talking some people on the other side into lending me their stubs, I found some security people. I convinced them that we had gotten lost trying to find the restrooms, produced the ticket stubs, and got into the show!
Now i could elaborate alot more on the previos paragraph, including brief meetings of Trey and Page(Trey was actually tossing a football around in the gym when we were sitting there trying to figure out how to get into the show) but thats not why i am writing this. Maybe some day i will, along with numerous other crazy things that happened!
I would really love to find some of the people that I really connected with. In particular there was this girl. I ended up alone in Orlando,FL. (many interesting stories led to this!) After a day of wandering a show there asking for a ride to the next show, someone approached me. He remembered me asking for a ride, and asked the driver of his ride if they could take another. He agreed. When we reached there parking spot, it was obvious that no one with them was capable of driving. The first thing I was asked was if I could drive to Gainesville! This is when I first met Brie. She was a 16 year old run away and we were inseparable for the next couple of weeks. I was young, but an adult. I let my fear of the law, witch is ironic considering some of the things i did until this point, get into the way of truly opening up with her. My new friend Chris, I think he was from VT, was always telling me she was to young as well. But when I think about it now, we were only two years apart! It really is one of the only times in my life that I regret. I will never forget the look on her face as she stared into my eyes through the back window of a car leaving that rainbow family farm in rural GA
Now I had many more adventures, including living in the back of a pick up truck in Los Angeles, but the reason this whole story started is that I was looking for a way to some how connect with some of the people that i met. Does any one know of some other sites or forums were people share stories like this? Maybe someday i will elaborate on some of my other experiences here and get lucky!
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Dec 15, 2012