Semi Hippie Looking For Genuine Friends

Im 25, almost 26 and i have very little friends. Ive changed my life in the past few years, going vegetarian and switching alot of my old habits to better things caused me to lose alot of "friends" I dont't mind as much because i know they werent real friends. So i am trying to make an effort to meet new people that care about the environment, and the world, not just about getting wasted. Also its nice to have someone to talk to that share the same or similar intrests without being looked at like a moron! lol, Oh and I live in south Florida. Lets chat!
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22-25, F
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Hi I went through a life changing experience about 3 years ago. It changed for the better and I found out who I am and what I want in life. I would like to chat you up sometime let me know