WHen i think of hippies i think of "go with the flow" kinda folks! Like judgemental free pple who believe in PEACE..not raising hell and keeping drama buzzing around.

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Its never too late to show matter the situation

just be the most peacefull and loving and caring person you can be and thats all that should matter to the friend you wish you had...thats what someone said to me in a dream i had not to long ago....

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The 1960's brought the "Hippie" movement. to many large cities. There was a sense of belonging to something bigger than yourself. While the Vietnam war was a great cause for protests, the movement was about peace and love. Many others of us in the small towns followed that sentiment, although we never got as extreme as the Hippies. We all thought we had the ability to change the world for the better. Sadly, we failed Many of the protesters from those days long ago, who fought the establishment, are now part of it. The peace movement fizzled out, and we've been at war for most of the time since. I guess we didn't change the world, but we gave it our best shot. Peace to you.