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Looking For Hippie Friends...

I want to connect with more people who have similar beliefs to mine...

I believe in love, peace, kindness, understanding, respect, creativity, and free thinking...

I feel that if I can surround myself with people who share these beliefs I will have support to grow in ways I am seeking...

I love learning and listening to new ideas/experiences, and making connections with people....

CoracaoQuebrado CoracaoQuebrado 26-30, F 5 Responses Feb 22, 2010

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once a hippie always a hippie...god gives us free will to be what ever we please...ask the lord to help you find some hippie friends...thats what i did and...they havent came yet but i think they will soon. i have faith.

AMEN squigglefish!!!!!

LOL - jackrabbit10 is very correct as far as finding the 60's type Hippies BUT I do share your ideals. <br />
<br />
I always considered Hippies not by what they wore or how their hair was but by what they did and had to do with nature and natural remedies. Against violence, against government, for human power, for the riches of the Earth, for believing that everyone has "some" good in them. People made fun of them for Recycling and reusing everything, hmmmmmm - isn't recycling now required in most areas? <br />
<br />
Unfortunately society viewed them all as " dirty, drug taking, **** participating bums". Being born in '59 I was at the end of Hippies and the beginning of Yuppies - I chose the Hippy lifestyle and live it to this day. More kindness, understanding and caring could go a long way in this World now. I'd be happy to become a friend lonelytreehugger :).

Hi pls too meet u im from South Afrika and love trees

sorry hun the real hippies are scatered like dust in the wind,,four corners of the earth,,some are homeless,,some are greeters at walmart,,lawers,,doctors,,,congresssman,,,,even presadent,,,some are retired like me,,,,good luck finding a real one,,,

well im a hippie...i do plan to travel the world on my bike and die doing what i love sometimes but i never plan to beg anybody for anything...i was always taught to work for my money and dont ask anybody for anything enless you deserve it...but you are right though...the 21st centry is a mess so they do do that hahahaha