Taking the Wrong Path.....

I have this problem that i've been tryna combat for the last 5 years or so.
There comes a time when i like a guy so much, i do whatever i can to get him, and when i do get him thats all there is to it.
Then when i see the next guy on the block i start on wanting to pursue him.
The thing with me is that i go for looks, theres certain characteristics i like in guys and i never do end up getting them. And when i do, i usualy end up with a bad guy- the one that won't see my worth.
I wonder to myself if its my shallowness that gets me in such situations, or if i'm chasing the wrong person.
One thing i know for sure is that i wanna be loved, and i wanna love. I wanna have that one person that pays extra attention to me than what he pays to others, i wanna have that one person that i always go home to no matter what.
But the real question is, if theres such a person out there for me?
Or maybe is it me that gives the wrong signals to the wrong type of crowds?......

Life is so confusing, but relationships are even a different complicated matter.
When i'm in a relationship i always ask my self if that person is the right person for me, and if their worth my time and effort......or the real question might be if i'm worth their time and effort?

But i never seem to get the answers do i? So what do i do?

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4 Responses Feb 21, 2009

As to taking the wrong path, the answer is in the question...I recall making so many wrong choices that it was a way of life. However things got bad to the point I had to asked God a question a serious question because I knew that He was watching me do this...So I asked God why me, and I wanted a serious answer. Now Here It Is...Why You? You Left Me Darryl, I never left you even when you was trying to kill yourself with drugs, I was there watching over you, and now you come like God let you down. No! Get you but up and be the great creation That I made you to be. Stop playing with the Power that God has put in us. The devil (evil) is just a little wicked Whisper into the listening ear. You got to guard against that maddnes. Courage

I have the same problem to.. really i think sometimes that i will be single for ever..the thing with me is that i never pick up the signs up from guys if they like me, its like that i am blind for it.. and i also know from a guy friend that he tought that i had a bf.. now i am asking myself what signals do i spread the world.. i want to learn how to spread the right signals ..so confussion!

Thanks alot for all of the above comments...<br />
Ancoraimparo420 i realy appreciate your advice, its shows things in a different light as to what i was looking at it before

I have the same problem!