But I'll never find it... You know why? Because I have no social life... I don't have anywhere to look because i'm not comfortable going anywhere.
I'm so depressed, and doing all those things that I love like listening to music, drawing writing what ever won't work anymore because they don't make me feel less lonely or more confident. Nothing help anymore.
I'm typing this with tears in my eyes and I hate it... I hate the fact people say 'it'll happen when the time is right', it won't!
And what's the point if it does happen 'some day'. What good is it if I lose all my best years to depression and loneliness just to find someone at age 30, or 40?
I want my life back, I want my teen years back.. I want to re-live those years the way I was supposed to!
This is unfair and I can't move on... Those times could be so much better, I could be so happy and full of life. But nooooo!
I'm so tired... SO GOD DAMN TIRED.
I'm tired of fighting
I'm tired of living and pretending that it will get better.
It was supposed to get better for 21 years now and it didn't get any freaking better!
or19937 or19937
22-25, M
Aug 20, 2014