I've thought a lot about how great it would be to find love. I'm talking about the intimate love between 2 people. To love someone and be loved by that someone. I've had so little romantic love in my life, that I've gotten to the point of thinking; why search? Why look for love? What do I possibly have to gain? I see how love causes pain and heartache - so why do I want that? Love seems like a great idea, but I guess I'm questioning my own motives on this. Presently, wanting to find love feels like banging my head against a wall. Can't I just get by without it?

Probably not. So, I can't give up on it.

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Thank you all for the support. Snowbunny and natycuevas - if I had given up, I wouldn't even bother to write about it or think about it. I haven't quite given up yet, just pretty frustrated with the whole process. It just seems like a whole bunch of BS, at the moment.<br />
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Denverguy - I know what you mean. However I've been thinking a lot about the 'love yourself' thing and it seems too close to narcissism for me. And that ain't good for anybody. I'm starting to feel the opposite of what you are saying: I should go out and love EVERYBODY else, in an empathizing way, I mean. Love humanity. Being "nice" to women, has gotten me to this place. They don't want a nice guy, because we tend to be sissies.

Well you will find it, don't give up. Things always happen for a purpose. I feel yahh though.

I say dude that the best thing anyone can do for this world is not look for love but instead go out there and love yourself! If you do that then there will be one less girl out there for you that will need to look for love herself! <br />
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Just be nice to the women out there and let things happen naturally!

Never give up on love SR. While it does cause heartache and pain during most everyone's lifetime I like to believe that we learn from all relationships, When you find that one true love all the heartache you previously experiences doesn't seem that painful after all :)