My Long Hair Fetish

my joy for long hair started when I was young(5-10 years old). my neighbor loved to have her long hair brushed. I would brush it for hours.
when I was in my teens my parents moved to another state and I was very upset because I didnt have access to play with my neighbors hair any more. so I would start to sneak feels from girls in school. I would sit behind girls with long hair and sneak feels every time they moved. later on we moved again and I found a friend that had simular feeling about hair. well he showed me is sisters long hair wigs, we would ********** with those. from that point I got my own wigs and never turned back. as a young adult I only dated girls with long hair
and I still sneak feels in elevators, busses, roller coasters. any place where there is motion so they dont know I an feeling their long hair

now I found some long human hair pony tail on and play with those. My current girl friend wont grow her hair long but she knows about my fetish and dont mind it if I wrap her hair around a long pony tail as like they do with hair extentions. or she dont think its all weird that I would play with just the ponytails..
ItgoChucky ItgoChucky
51-55, M
May 5, 2012