Torn Away From Love.

I was 4 months old when my mom adopted me, she told me from the age of 10 i have two older brothers, John and Matthew, they were 5 and 10 when i was born and the stress of being a mother to three children make my birth mom turn around a decided she didn't want any of us anymore, ofc my mom didn't say it like that, but i know how the jist is.

So being old enough now, to understand the fact i have 2 brothers out there who have no idea i am even alive and a bio dad who has no idea im even alive too, im scared to ask my mom about it, in case my daddy takes it wrong, they both know that no matter what they will always be my mommy and daddy, even if i met my biological parents again, i wouldn't call them mom and dad, because if they cared enough, they would of made sure me and my brothers were with them now, but they didn't did they. My biological dad left my mom when she fell pregnant with me, and my brothers went to live with my biological nan so they had no idea my biological mom was having me. It upsets me to know so many people knew about me and didn't want me.

I'm thankful for my adoptive family, my mom, dad, nan, grandad, and all my siblings i have.

One day i hope to meet my biological brothers, and id like to see my biological father too, just to know who helped make me.

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Jan 7, 2013