I'm 22 and has long as i can remember Ive always wondered who my dad was and his side of the family, all i know is my dads name Ronald Dean Hicks and should be in prison for the rest of his life with no chance of getting out but last year my mom told me she heard from dshs that he might be out, i also know that my grandparents names William and Catharina Hicks, my mom tried to contact them by letter but they never replied, she told them that i was asking questions like who are my grandparents? where do they live? do they want to know me? pretty sad things i was 5.  I now know that my mom and dad hookup in Mena AR, and moved to Dallas TX where my grandparents live but not sure if they do still. Ive contacted DHSH myself but they cant give be any information since I'm over 18 but i think that's not right. I'm OK if I'm not in my family's lives i just want to know who they are and want them to know I'm here and Ive been looking
relytwc relytwc
May 7, 2012