Becoming Incontinent.

Sometimes I'll have bladder problems for a few days or a month at a time. When it happens it's a relief for me since I have a desire to wear diapers. The accidents justify my desire as something more than just a want. It's a time when my wife doesn't seem to be as uncomfortable with me wearing diapers.

Last month this was the case. For three weeks I was almost 100% unable to control my bladder. This led to some uncomfortable moments at work. I work in the public and I'm always on the move. With a diaper on I feel like everyone must be able to see. It's also a bit awkward to be talking to someone while you feel your bladder emptying.

I was lucky to have good diapers to control the issue. I just wonder when it will happen again.
jdca916 jdca916
Dec 14, 2012