Glowing White Eyes?

Hello, I am spiritual and can feel ghosts n stuff, but last night somthing realy freaky happend to my eyes and im hoping you will know what it is?
we were playing the ring of fire which involves dares (i wasnt drinking alcohol i was on squash) so one of the dares was to run down the road like a crab while someone recorded... anyways the first person did it, 5 mins laiter someone elce got that dare, then i got the same dare but when i finished my freind was really freaked out she said my eyes were freaky. i watched it back and i saw my eyes were glowing bright white (it was the same camera for us all no-one elses eyes did it) like this:

so after being quite freaked out im just searching for what it could be, im thinking anjelic/paranormal ghost?
helenbedford helenbedford
Sep 29, 2012