My Ideal Guy

My ideal guy...well, I've thought long and hard about this. As far as looks go, as long as he is attractive, I don't care. I mean by that, I don't care about his race, eye color hair color, etc. I don't really have a preference for that because I have been attracted to guys with all eye colors, hair color, races, etc. As far as personality goes, I want someone who is smart, funny (and not afraid to tell corny jokes and puns like me :)). I want someone who is comfortable about himself, and accepts himself for who he is. I want someone who is confident, but not cocky. I am looking for a guy who accepts me for who I am, regardless of my flaws, and can see the good and the bad in me and has the brass to call me out on my mistakes, but also doesn't always think about my negatives. I really want someone who is nice and kind and an easygoing, funny person.
DaysEJole DaysEJole
22-25, M
Dec 15, 2012