Why Is Happiness So Elusive For Some People?

Is happiness a means to an end?  Sometimes I feel that in order to be happy, you need to achieve certain goals or milestones.  I haven't achieved much in life.  I've been going to college on and off for about 14 years now, and I still haven't been able to graduate.  I'm still single, age 32, and living at home with my parents again after briefly being on my own.  I've had at least 30 different jobs since I was 16 years old and hated every single one of them.  The longest I've lasted at a job was 3 years.  I'm currently working part time at a clothing store, where I'm taking orders from a snot nose 20 year old.  I've been a lost unhappy soul for a while.  When will my life finally turn around and when can I say that I am truly happy?  Is it when I finally get my college degree?  Is it when I get married and have kids?  Or is happiness a process where I need to learn to be happy in my daily life?  How does one stay happy despite their trials and tribulations; in spite of all the injustice and cruelty in this world?

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Hey keep your head Up. THis is not your ultimate life. You know after this life we move on to something more infinite. YOu need to make friends with God. He is your ultimate friend who will always be with you no matter what. He will look at you even if no one else is noticing you. He will make you feel whole and happy, I don't warantee it will always be easy because TRUST me it will be one of the hardest things you've ever tried, You WILL have your moments of doubt and when you feel you can't go on. It will get better just focus on GOD! I know it sounds cliche and boring, I've been there, I am only 17, but just focus on HIM not the poeple who tell you it's wrong. It's better to start now then when you have suffered. But believe me it will all be worth it! IT's as if you were an eagle, you don't belong in the ground, you belong in the sky flying and being free! That's how you can feel whole again!! <3 MAy God bless you! Good luck on your journey

Don't worry to much. I didn't feel happy with my life until I was 42. I mean I was ok but not content and happy deep down And from what I read, you will be in much better shape than me , with your education and all. As for your work you should feel proud that you have done so many things. I laugh yhen people say they have done the same job thier whole life, How easy is that ha. They should try to go out and make a living at something that they don't know, That is a challenge. I don't know you but I know one thing that could help. When you get a chance , lock yourself away so you can not be distracted. Get comfortable and think. If everything was about to be taken away from you . you need to believe it is going to happen. Like you are going to die and loose every thing. And at the last minute you were told that you could keep three things, think , i mean think , of what whey would be. If you realy think of what is realy , realy important to you than I think you might be surprised, You will think of money and other things like that, A handsome man or what ever but if you can be serious and realy look deep inside you will come up with thinge you didn't think of before. That is where happiness lay. waiting for you. Sorry about my spelling.

that's the conundrum...what will I be happy doing as a career....it's a quest....I'm sure I'll eventually figure it out