I Think I Will

As long as someone else would do the gardening and other technical stuff. Flowers automatically commit suicide if I touch them. Hopefully 'my own secret gardener' belongs to the deal.

I haven't read the book (referring to Francess Burnett's Secret Garden) for a while, but if I remember correctly, the main character went there to escape the loneliness and unfriendliness of her adoptfamily. Not only it was a beautiful place to eye, it made her forget the sorrows she had to experience in her everyday life.

When I saw this group and it's title I became to think 'maybe I should try and make one.' Not a physical one, but mental. I could draw the general layout and then write a description. I could use it afterwards as a form of meditation, a ”place” where I can roam, wander or just be when I'm stressed.

Maybe it's a childish imagination game... but honestly, I don't care. Even though I wouldn't ever confess it to my real life friends, I have done this kind of thing sometimes. Created places, situations and alternative realities where I can do anything I want, take advice from imaginary characters or just watch the unfolding situations as an outsider.

I think I'm really going to carry through this plan. I thank you, creator of this group, for inspiration. Secret Garden would certainly be very peaceful place.
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yeah i need this maybe as i feel alone