A Secret Garden



Sometimes I wish I could break through the cloudy haze that so often surrounds me.
The shadows, covering my life.  I want to breathe, I want to run, I want to run away.  
Away from myself, away from it all.  

But I'd always bring you with me.


I wish we had a secret garden.  Somewhere to plant all of our hopes and dreams and watch them bloom.  
To bury all our sadness and guilt, never to see them again. 

It would be hidden deep inside in the forest, no one would know that it exists.  There would be a river there; bursting out of the woods and into the clearing.  It would be a big splashing one that enters at the side and winds down the hill, changing into little ponds and small streams as it goes along.  There would be trees there; huge ancient trees -ceders, pine, and oaks. Trees that block out parts of the sun, but still let the light filter through.  It would have flowers, tall pink and yellow foxgloves, and bushes full of hydrangeas.  There would be roses everywhere, especially white roses.  It would have purple lilacs growing, and primroses scattered across the ground -deep pink, blue and yellow.  There would be grass, lots and lots of grass, green and covered in patches of sunlight, as the sun shines through at different times of the day.   


It would be warm in the summer and cool in the spring, and closed like a hidden story during the winter.  
In fall we would grow vegetables there, and have peas, celery and lettuce all the time.

Sunlight dancing through the leaves, and falling through the trees; like a golden river, a waterfall of scattered light.  
I want to be there, lying beneath a tall old tree, on a bed of moss, holding you, my love, and watching the light dance, dance....slowly dance...
then drifting off to sleep.



stormynightsky stormynightsky
22-25, F
2 Responses Mar 25, 2011

'closed like a hidden story during the winter. ' Awesome imagery, :) as beautiful as your writing always is. I Love the sound of your garden *envies it*.. lol, xXx

Wow this was really relaxing and vivid too! I would like my own such place.