Feeling Lost

I have no idea what my purpose is in life. There is no job or career that calls out to me, I have no desire to be a parent, and just doing whatever I want my whole life sounds pointless. I want meaning in my life, some higher calling. I feel directionless, like I'm just drifting around without any goals or a future. I HATE feeling like this. I want to find a purpose and go for it with everything I have.
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2 Responses May 10, 2012

I feel the same exact way!! its frustrating...thats why i end up drinking and making poor decisions...but have realized that I need to stop worrying about making the wrong decision! and experience life and things I enjoy and trust that things will fall into place!

You know, I think this is our purpose at this age. To be lost and search for meaning. People who think they know what they want to do with their lives right now are lying to themselves. Think about how long life is, you have plenty of time to figure out your future. It doesn't have to be a job or kids or anything conventional like that. I guess my advice would be to be patient, keep looking and don't settle. Find something you can't live without, and then give it your all.