i have finally found my purpose in life and i know some will be skeptical, even scornful. But for me it is true. My true purpose is to serve my Master. i am His submissive and my purpose is to serve Him. Not with lip service or with my body, but heart, body, soul & mind. And that is a conscious decision that i made and when i did - i found that all roads in my life have been leading me to Him.


Finding my purpose in Him......makes me a better woman, better mother, better employee, better daughter, better friend. It enhances everything about my life, including my spiritual relationship. Some will say that is not conducive, but i believe they actually go hand in hand. i believe that God created me solely for my has just taken us awhile to find each other.

amarillo2461 amarillo2461
46-50, F
Feb 13, 2010