No Different Them Many Others

i would love to find that person to share the rest of my life with
and face it we all have baggae we carry with us that is fine we can talk about that and work it out

we all have things set in stone that we may not move a lot on
but unless you talk witheach other you have no idea and talking is the first step

what you get is a male 64 years old on paper many times act way younger and i think look younger and i in no way act my age

viet nam
plane crash 1967
i have never gotten over the love of my first wife or second love both killed at age 19

set in stone
drinking and smoking
drinking is not a glass of wine at a meal or before bed

love to play with words and touch used to be very good at it but like many thing it is based on trust as you have to talk with me on what you like and dis like

like riding my bike
like my play cars

marrage is silly at my age we loose SS if married by half like we have any thing left any way
like to travel and hop to do that some day to load my bike and my play car in the 5 th wheel and take off to other places wouldlove to ship bike to england and spend a year riding around therespeical scottland
it interested ask away

prefer smaller young ladys as boththe one i love were very small on unless inheels was only about 4'8" andless then 100 lbs cathywas about 5'1" and maybe 130
but open to all
tomboyish would be nice too
maybe a WOW player
rickibrat2 rickibrat2
61-65, M
May 24, 2012