My Best Gal Pal - a Poem

I have friend, she's a quirky girl.  Mis-understood by many in this world,  but not me .  We've become like sisters over the year, better in fact, though no one but us knows that!  Beautiful of spirit & funny of soul.  She has a great gift that makes one feel whole... and good inside.  Full of laughter at the absurdities of daily life.  Easing the strife and escape from reality's dread.  Some understand her hilarious edge.  But some simply do not get it.  

Her social filter is just a bit skewed.  Telling the truth as she sees it, telling some to get screwed. "Was that wrong?"  She'll say. "Hell Yeah" I'll tell her, but by then it's too late. 

Oh well.  What the hell? 

One has to know how to experience this 'Project' - She's witty and funny & exhaustingly delightful.  I love this girl, my little sister who's learning how to act.  What to say or when to say it.  Is it appropriate?  Is it bad?  Is it okay?  Not sure, but she says it anyway.

Going for the shock valued laugh, regardless of circumstance.  Gotten only by half of this world; the lucky half, of this I am sure.

DrewBerry DrewBerry
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2 Responses Feb 22, 2009

Yeah Marji ~ what a history there. I am please you two found the value in one another.<br />
<br />

Nice story Drew girl keep them coming kid!