Yes, Yes!

I firmly believe my soulmate is in this world somewhere. I think of this on a near daily basis - I wonder what her name is, what she looks like, what type of person she really is. I've definitely been hit with some pretty amazing (or seemed that way at first) women in my life whom I never expected. So, based on my past experiences, my curiosity is peaked with the mysterious woman. I still have this belief that when the right people get together, marriage is successful, love stays intact, and they share an amazing life together that many only dream of. I also believe that I'll be fortunate enough to have that significant other in my life sometime soon. I can't say where these feelings come from...but I'm thankful for them nonetheless. :)

Update: It's amazing that only one month after I wrote this I met an amazing woman. She's got me sprung and I truly believe I've found that perfect somebody for me. Just remember guys...don't give up, they're out there!
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WOW! you're so passionate of finding your soulmate..I hate to admit it but we're in the same boat.<br />
When I said to my friends that I believe that everyone has his/her twin flame (commonly known as "soulmate") in this world, they told me (in a nice,acceptable way) that they think I'm weird or kinda into fairytale-wishful thinking haha..<br />
I've read many amazing stories about real life soulmate couples, I envy them HAHA!..<br />
they say you will just know it's your soulmate through a certain "eye-connection",like it seems you know them for a long time even you 'just' met them.<br />
I'm not in a hurry,but I hope I will meet my soulmate soon..may both of us find our soulmates..God Bless Mr.Boxer22 ;-D

i'm sure everyone has a soulmate in this world but i think only bout 2% actually find them or lets say come together with them.<br />
its sad because i believd alot dont find them or letd say have found them but is not able to find out if that person truly is the one that is truly connected with them , because now a days looks and age play a big factor , i mean i could believe i feel the connection with a person but the chances of me being able to really find out because i may be lets say 25 years older plays a big roll in a lot of younger peoples life or that i may not be the most attractive but todays soceity has no pardon on beauty or age or even race in alot of parts og the world.the death of finding ur soulmate is the intolerance of society and also maybe embaressment of the person ur feelings are directed to.

Wow,that was beautiful :) I hope you find that someone who is perfect for you. I always ask myself the same questions and want to find my soulmate as well :)