This Relationship Thingy

almost 30 and just broke up wid my bf. definitely not getting married in few months. is it problem? in my country-yes. with so many elatives keep pushing abt the marriage thing, specially in family occasions-which is quite often. n now my very close cousin-my bestie-the last one who's in my age is getting married in 3 months! great. losing a relationship makes me feel kinda back to the school age. where i keep daydreaming about meeting this tall dark handsome brilliant guy, getting married (-or not), go backpacking, lots of adventures ahead. well perhaps my ex was rite, im not ready to get married yet bcos i still want to go here and there (n thats why he didnt start to propose - d'oh?!) if only it would be easy to leave all the loved ones and responsibilities here. my job, my single mum, my unfinished master degree, my old sheperd dog, my whole family.. if only i have the courage and fearless enough to go abroad alone (after watching so many crime movies/series). rite now i just want to wake up next to a guy who loves me and will love me everyday until the rest of his life, loves my family, my pets, my friends, never ran out of energy-especially when we're together we'd create more energy, and makes me always feel secure, trust and at the same time excited just to look at his eyes. Will i ever find someone like that, like soon?
Ah earth calling..
greenteacucumber greenteacucumber
Nov 6, 2011