Soulmate Wanted

I have searched far and wide for you my love, never knowing what you look like or why your hiding in the first place. Occasionally I have dreamt of the day we meet and I can finally rest this weary heart and mind with yours.

Knowing that some day I will lay eye's on a heart that burns with such brilliance it could never be extinguished. Believing in you, even when I can no longer believe in myself, has gotten me through the worst life has to offer.

If you will grace this planet for me then I offer an equally brilliant light to you, together bright enough to shine through any darkness of hate or fear. On that glorious day we will shake the foundation of this world, our love will transcend the ages and feed the fires of passion for eternity.
vavaeon vavaeon
31-35, M
3 Responses Nov 29, 2011

just beautiful :-)

Thx :D

I actually found the ONE right here on EP not long ago. I'm going half way around the world to be with my other half :3

It took a few years but I really believe the time comes for us all to meet our one n only and it's simply a matter of recognizing them when they come along.

I wish you all the luck and happiness in the world! happy travelling! :-D

Wow!! <br />
You have such a romantic and sensual mind. <br />
I used to think like you, but I know better now!<br />
<br />
Keep your kin high up and don´t lose faith!<br />
Because she will come,when you are ready for her. <br />
And you will know it in your heart<br />
Good luck, my love! <br />
<br />
Take care and have a amazing day!<br />
- Marin.

thanks and you as well.

Thank you, sometimes it doesn't flow as well as I'd like it too, but at least I try to get the generally feeling across.