Am I That Lucky?!

I don't like to admit it, but yes..I am lonely! (oh it feels great to finally let it out of my chest!!)

Regardless of what we hear about love and how it could break our hearts, and all the sad stories we read and we see in our real life. I am a positive person and a believer. I have my own beliefs in life and I know, as long as I'm looking for a pure love, there's someone on this earth does the same thing, and maybe that person is my soulmate?!

Yes, I believe in soulmates, I know that there's someone for everyone....however, I also believe that those soulmates may never meet, and end-up with the wrong person.

I'm taking a risk in my life, I'm a single and never married....because of this idea of the soulmate. I prefer to stay alone, with the hope that I will finally find the love of my life, rather than being with (the wrong person) and living the rest of my life with the question (what if?!)

I know it's a romantic thinking, and as people around me always saying "be realistic!" but hey, I'm the one who's taking those chances and the one who will bear the consequences in the end, right?!

I always look for the maximum in everything, I don't like walking between the, if I fall in love, I should make the best of it!

"The best love is the kind that awakens the soul and makes us reach for more, that plants a fire in our hearts and brings peace to our minds." - Nicholas Sparks.
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I feel that a soul mate can be one who enters our life only to show and bring out the part of ourselves that we struggle with most. They may not be the person we are destined to be a part of forever. They may be there solely for us to grow. But I believe this goes both ways. There is the soul mate which comes into your life to grow you with no lifetime companionship, or the soul mate who will stay with us forever as mean to be.

Meant to be*

Sometimes letting go brings more than searching heavily. In one of your other posts you've said that soft rain goes deeper.
It's the same here.
Being perfect is good, but you need to learn not to demand the same from the others and especially the partner. That was one of my problems in the past. I thought that I don't demand more from my partner than I demand from myself, but I didn't notice that I demand too much from myself and others can't maintain the same level.
So relationship and love is a matter of tolerance of each others' mistakes.
Joy is a matter of knowing that life is a continuous fluctuating graph of ups and downs. In downs we feel bad, but it's indispensable in order to reach joy, you cannot go up, if you don't have downs, so why not accept the downs, it's the only way we can recognize the ups.
Recognizing that, a soulmate becomes more realistic, as he can be imperfect and not ultimate as we wanted him to be initially on theory level.

I agree with you

I don't know that I believe in such a thing as "soul mates" but I do agree with the idea of not wasting time being with someone who doesn't mean much just for the sake of it... I too prefer to stay single rather then settle on anyone. It takes a lot of strength in a world that forces relationships down your throat.

I agree with you

I also believe in soulmates and I found mine. When you find your soulmate try to keep him. It is not always easy.
I also think that there are different kinds of soulmates. For example the one you love and are best friends with, the one who loves the same books / series etc. as you. I think your boyfriend, best friend and soulmate can be all that without having the same preferences concerning your hobbies, so try to find not only your love-soulmate but also others. I don't know if that makes sense, but I hope it does.

Thank you for your positive comment. I wish you the best of luck in everything! :)

Thank you, also good luck for you :)

If you find yours never let go!

Thank you, this is the best advice, ever!

Thank you,comes from experience.

i wish you al the very best doll :) you wil find ur love

Thank you! :)

be caeful what you wish for<br />
<br />
the cost of there los is greater then the love you shared as kids and teens and as a young married couple

i know how it feels..... god bless you... keep smiling always..... take good care of yourself...

Oh, you're so sweet!... have a wonderful life around your love ones! :)

I hope in 2012 you find someone so that you are no longer lonely.Loneliness is a difficult emotion to deal with.Thanks for sharing,yours is the first story I commented on this yr!

Thank you so much for you sweet wishes, I hope that you're happy with your life. It's my pleasure that my story was the first you comment on this year. :)

I met my soul mate once and let her go. I certainly hope we have more than one. I still love her even though we have been apart for a long time. I cannot see anyone else ever replacing her...

Oh, why did you let her go?! .. chances like this don't come along everyday! :(

Memories, I was lonely and a respected friend told me, Louis you have great memories you should go to them even though they're in your head, thet are always alive. You sound like a true Romantic from literature, Virginia Woolf, a great writer that led her on program with a soul mate or not, she was brilliant.she can be very inspiring for a women. Leaving a legacy, loving the arts I always liked the idea of leaving a large sculpture that folks would look at and think of me, when gone.Like they do for Picasso and his ladies of the studio, a record.There's still time, thank God.

im here you found me

Yeah right! (lol)

Goodluck, and I hope you find that person. Its a feeling like none other!!!! Thats awesome

Thank you, have a nice life! :)