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Do you believe in soulmates? I think there must be more than one for each person, because among 6 billion people, how would each find the other if there were only one per person? And if you found 'The One' and she/he died, are you supposed to spend the rest of your life lonely and loveless? That's kind of where I am now. Wherever I go, it's with me.

I came to this geographic place because I was drawn here. I thought maybe my soulmate was calling, but maybe it was something else. Maybe I should try calling my soulmate here.

NebulaNoxx NebulaNoxx
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2 Responses Apr 25, 2008

I guess it depends on the definition of soul mate. I would like to hope that we all have soulmates that we are destined to meet. And I would also like to believe that we all have the 'other half of our soul' waiting around the corner.

Thanks, Seeker, but I didn't say Peep One about marriage!