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Do you believe in soulmates? I think there must be more than one for each person, because among 6 billion people, how would each find the other if there were only one per person? And if you found 'The One' and she/he died, are you supposed to spend the rest of your life lonely and loveless? That's kind of where I am now. Wherever I go, it's with me.

I came to this geographic place because I was drawn here. I thought maybe my soulmate was calling, but maybe it was something else. Maybe I should try calling my soulmate here.

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3 Responses Apr 25, 2008

I guess it depends on the definition of soul mate. I would like to hope that we all have soulmates that we are destined to meet. And I would also like to believe that we all have the 'other half of our soul' waiting around the corner.

Thanks, Seeker, but I didn't say Peep One about marriage!

i think a soul mate could be a friend that is true and sticks with you throughout your life. they may not always be in your life and may come and go but when you need them they would always be there. i think it is possible and likely that we could have many soulmates, out in the world some we may never meet and some may live thousands of miles away. as for the perfect other, 'the one', the person that completes you . i think there could be lots of 'the ones', as there are lots of soul mates.....<br />
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i apologise in advance as this is going to sound like i am full of hippy clap trap, so bear with me....<br />
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you could have a soul mate, a perfect other, someone who compliments you in every way, but when you come together you stop being two people and become a unit and as you grow together, you become a soul entwined as opposed to soul mates. i think you could have more than one soul mate but finding them is not enough, you need to grow with them too. <br />
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so in answer to the question, i think it is possible to have many soul mates but with each one you need to begin a journey of growth and entwinment, for them to be the perfect soul mate for you.