Yeah I Want To Find You..i Am Tired.!

i am female 24 i be 25 soon hmmm i just notice that i am getting older huh..? well i am 5'3 i guess i will not getting taller then that so i be stuck with shorty heheh. i want to find my soulmate really but to be honest i am not depression or anything i just wanted to let him know that i am here for him...!! dear soul mate.nah....or prance charming.hhmmmn,your the one nah. OK whatever you're called...
HI i hope you read this but i am not sure but I know you're just out there somewhere. Might as well take my chances. I wonder where you are right now.Have I seen you before? Have we met? Or are we strangers still and bound to meet in God's perfect time?I'm writing to you because lately, I can't stop wondering about you.Who you are, what you would be like, and how our paths will intertwine.I keep imagining the day when you will finally reveal yourself to me.This sounds crazy huh..!

because I don't even know for sure if you do exist but I trust what my heart tells me. It keeps saying that you are a reality. You are out there going through your journey just like how I go about with mine.And one day, I know that we will find one another.It's bound to happen.just so u know My heart longs for you.My body desires you. My mind thinks about you. I'm feeling restless and excited to meet you,hold your hand, and look through your eyes. Where art thou,? Do you wonder about me too? i can tell you this i am kinda weird person..i mean by that i loved long hair on me i don't care the long they would be and hopefully you like it too..!! I have been journeying through my beautiful life alone for quite some time now. My story has been interesting so far. I've travelled to beautiful places around the world, met wonderful and amazing people, enjoyed being in the limelight looking glamorous while entertaining audiences along the way, and living a comfortable, secured, and abundant lifestyle.My life is great, filled with so many blessings!

But of course, I've also had my share of darkness once in awhile... feeling lonely and empty,i live in my own place and i work so hard and study everyday when i come home just me alone i bet you understand how that feel. and i meeting people who end up disappointing me, and going through heavy storms & difficult trials that come my way. But I managed to come out of it alive. It's been one helluva' roller coaster ride! I can't wait to tell you all about it. And I'm dying to hear the story of your life as well. I'm sure it's as colorful and exciting... probably even better! My life without you is great. I've been here for so many years. It taught me how to be strong, independent, and carefree. It allowed me to explore and enjoy freedom to it's maximum potential. However, I'm reaching a point where I often dream of what it's like being with you... and something's telling me life will be at it's best having you around but What's taking you so long to find me? By the way, I've had in relationship but his come and go into my life,some I even thought was you! I've experienced it all... random flings, casual dates, Holiday romance, wounded ego, broken heart...!

Right now, I am done with all this. I have learned what I needed to learn from all the heart breaks and false hopes I'm ready for the real thing. I'm ready for you, I'm ready to share my story with you, walk side by side with you as we go on with this amazing journey together, I imagine how we would be like together.i can see us talking, laughing, kissing,while i am lay on your lap i let you play with my hair even for hours i would love when you doin that i don't mind, holding each other in an everlasting romantic bliss. You are my passion, my obsession. And I can no longer contain my excitement for the day that we will finally be together,,! Please be ready for me soon and find your way to me.I've been alone for too long and although I am doing just fine as it is, my gut is telling me that it's time to make room for you in my life already.I can't wait to laugh and cry with you! Make you smile and give you the biggest hug and true love.I do exist. I am THE ONE..don't be nervous or shy,i will accept and love you for who you are..!!! and I'm ready to rock your world! Come find me. Til then, I'll be dreaming of you.
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Oh my gosh thats sweet words lucky is the one whos going to be ur one

This got me feelin all emotional.. I thought I found mine too 3 years ago until it was over. I only been intimiate with 2 people because I had to finally move on. I was gonna be a one man one woman guy but just didnt happen that way for me. I hope you find him soon. I'll find mine soon too hun. Xoxo :)

Here I am.

Hi,I did'nt even see you till now.I know I'm not that much handsom. I'm not rich.But I have a big heart with full of love and care.Im 23 year old,from India.

Stupendously good.Whoever you end up with is going to be very lucky!

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Lovely.. But not easy... Finding a soul mate is not easy.. They say soul mate is born.. but I say.. "soul mate is made"... requires a lot of effort.. <br />
<br />
It could be me.. and it could be someone else.. obviously when you ask, it would be like the song "Helo... is it me you're looking for"... and I see so many applicants.. <br />
<br />
so its a competitive world.. n all depends on how you can distinguish an imposter to the real one.. <br />
<br />
Many may show the body thru their photographs... but how does one show the soul ? <br />
<br />
Ask yourself whether you are looking for a BODY MATE or a SOUL MATE.

Hi, <br />
I may not be a soul mate that you maybe looking for, but I can be a friend. <br />
That is if my age does not scare you. I am a 61 year old man, married 22 years, no kids. If my age does scare you, I can not blame you.<br />
Good luck on your search,<br />
May you find the happiness that you deserve.

Hi there<br />
not sure what to write new on here but enjoyed reading ur story...sounds familiar to my own...hope to get to know you name is john

Please do contact me.......<br />
i like your idea of life.................<br />

Sorry to disappoint you, but proper punctuation is a must.<br />
<br />
Limelight? What about the heavy price that must be paid for it?!... What about those who hungered and suffered and were oppressed by the very system who made you look 'glamorous'??...<br />
<br />
"My life without you is great. I've been here for so many years. It taught me how to be strong, independent, and carefree. It allowed me to explore and enjoy freedom to it's maximum potential."<br />
<br />
So you don't actually need your twin soul, since your life is great in thier absence anyway.<br />
<br />
Strong, independent, carefree? Well, yes, if you have to swallow all the lies and compromises those who pay you throw at ya. Why do you think you are incomplete and unhappy in the first place?...<br />
<br />
Freedom to its max potential? Only true Love offers that, not a socioeconomic system (they offer 'freedom' for a PRICE!), in which case you contradict yourself and show clearly you have no idea what you're talking about. You simply desire a new hobby, a new pet, and, since it makes it shine better, go for labeling it 'soulmate'. Awaken!

You have offered some very practical and realistic comments. Quite thought provoking, indeed!.

There should be more people like you. I felt like that a year ago and still I haven't found what I'm looking for. This is really an open letter to love hope it finds you :)

you are beautiful

That is one good shot of beautiful way to say what one feels. Claps and good luck for you to join with your soulmate, who is waiting for you.

Dont understand what your "soul" is looking for ??<br />
Could you describe in a few words to gather an idea of your favourite soulmate ..

Awwwwww. That was so sweetly endearing!! You got me teary it was so beautiful!<br />
I think you are right: Whoever that person is, he will come along and you will know it.<br />
I don't care if it is in dating, or just being in a class, or the local department store. No one place is more likely to have him there, save (except) the world. <br />
Please don't stop your heart from being as sweet and beautiful as it is now. You nee3d to have it so he can recognize you, ok? It is precious!!

very well done! :) i know you will find your soulmate! i havent found mine yet either but it will happen! :)

beautiful... i feel the very same way<br />
<br />
i thought i had found my soul-mate..i was wrong <br />
i hope to find her soon! <br />
i hope you find yours too<br />
<br />
you sound just like what i hope to find in my soul-mate :)

I am serious i dont know you and dont care how you look..... i am just blown with what you have written.....

Wow..... Contact me..... I would die to have someone like you...... WOW......