Fantasy Slapped By Reality

Scrolling through the most recent story posts I happened across this group. I've seen it many times but never felt compelled to join or write a story. I've got a bit of spitfire in me today... stand back if you don't like it hot. 

I'm separated and going through a divorce and custody fight. He wasn't my soul mate and I knew when I said "Yes" he wasn't my soul mate. 

You see, I don't believe in soul mates. 

I know... how unromantic, right?

Here's the thing... I'm complete without a man to be intimate with.
I want to be intimate with a man though, I want to share the big and little parts of my day. I want that closeness that comes from cuddling, laying in bed together on a Saturday morning or sweating it up together late on a Friday night. Just because I do NOT have that doesn't mean I'm lacking anything as a person. 

Being in a relationship is work like anything else in life. 

Growing up ~ work
Going to school ~ work
Behaving ~ work
Friends ~ work (sometimes)
College ~ work
Work for money ~ work
Cleaning house ~ work
Doing laundry ~ work
Learning ~ work
Relationships ... you got it, work. 

It's my belief, that when the time is right, someone who compliments, not fills the voids but compliments me and I him, will come into my life. I will then decide, as well as he, that we care/love/adore each other so much that we will WORK to be together through the good times and bad, good health and bad, heartbreak and joy ... for as long as we both shall live. 
Commitment is ... work. 
If I want the benefits of a 'Soulmate' I have to be willing to work for it. I don't believe it's some fairytale princess and prince who live happily ever after. Don't we wish...? 

Some of the stories in this group are cute... like a watching a child have a crush on another child but the majority of them to me are fanciful ... if we base these relationships on fantasy and wishy washy emotions then any and all relationships will end at some point, badly. 

I hope that's not the case, I hope everyone with a romantic heart and a loving spirit find that special someone who COMPLIMENTS you and is willing to help balance each other out.... I hope...
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5 Responses Apr 23, 2012

I agree with you completely! I too am separated, but it will be an amicable divorce fortunately. He wasn't my soul mate either, however, now I'm seeing a wonderful man who may be my soul mate. And it takes lots of work, but it's good work. We find that the more we communicate, and the deeper we go, the better it gets. It's all worth it! I wish I'd done it with my marriage.

Too much work. You miss the FUN part.<br />
<br />
I'm not contradicting you, but all I'm saying is this:<br />
<br />
For some artists, creating a 'work of art' is a real effort, concentration and stuff. For other artists though, creating art is just another way of... c u m m i n g... XD

No, no. I am not talking about the 'juvenile fun' which involves 'clubs, drugs and rock'n roll'.
It is about having a solid system of life values that puts Happiness and Harmony above everything else. Maybe you heard the saying 'Surviving is one thing, living is something else' ?...

great story...couldnt agree more

Great Story!<br />
<br />
Someone or something worthwhile is definitely worth waiting for!

Lol I love how you worded your stance on this and I completely agree with you. As nice as the fair tales and romance novel endings would be, they just don't exist. And because this is reality I believe that it's healthier to look for someone who balances you rather than "completes" you. Such completion can only be found within the self.