The Problem Is..

I am an open book. The problem is not that people read it in wrong order but that no one has tried to open it.
I am an apple tree. The problem is not that one climbs on it or throws stone at it but that its collapsing by the weight of its own apples.
I am a rose flower. The problem is not that a lover haven't gifted it to his sweetheart, but that even a butterfly haven't noticed it.
I am a love ocean. The problem is not that its vaporizing everyday, but that there is no rever falling in it.

LoveOcean12 LoveOcean12
31-35, M
2 Responses Apr 27, 2012

I am a fan of yours, LoveOcean..... This is great.

Solutions are at deltas spread<br />
rivers do flow to your deepest waters<br />
Eyes wide shut, <br />
you're chasing ghosts<br />
Silhouetted Apiration of hope<br />
Don't fear, for the love you hope<br />
is undercover deep with in your soul

You said the ultimate truth.

:) thank you... (I think)
I hope your really open to the art of happiness.