Is It Her?

What do you do when you have found someone that seems to be your soulmate, one that seems a mirror of your soul and she happens to be half a world away?

I have found such a person, one who makes my pulse race, just with a friendly hello, a virtual caress and a loving sigh.

I dream of holding her in my arms, watching her face in peaceful slumber after we have spent half the night making love. The soft light of the coming dawn, softly lights her face, making me love her all the more. Is it wrong to want that? Is it wrong to strive for something that the odds of success are so against?

I don't care about the odds, I will battle the odds and anyone else who tries to keep us apart. I will wait, work and strive to have her in my life.
308shooter 308shooter
56-60, M
May 8, 2012