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Writers Note!!! I might have found her, I don't know yet, it's complicated. This story will remain here so you can know you're not alone.

Ive fallen in love, Ive never been truely loved back. Everyone says wait. But my patience is wearing thin. Im willing to wait for that spectacular woman who'll let me whisk her away, but when will it happen? When will I find her? Its not easy waiting when your surrounded constantly by married, engaged or dating couples. Ive got a decent life, but Im anutaphobic and it causes light depression sometimes.
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Hello Dear,<br />
My name is Cynthia i saw your profile today at ( and became interested in you and i want you to contact me back through my private email here (cynthiadon @ so that i can give you my photo for you to know whom i am,and remember that distance or colour doesn't matter anything but love matters allot in life,am waiting for your reply soon.<br />
Cynthia<br />
<br />
cynthiadon @

This seems like a scam because I've seen SOOO many of the same messages lately. Please stop before I report all of you who are doing this

yeah sometimes i wanna that one appear soon cause just like you say your surrounded constantly by married, engaged or dating couples. we are not that young, my parents also worry about my marriage, but just let nature take its course, the one will finally appear, and now cherish your single life, maybe it will soon over. best wishes for you

Its difficult to cherish something you dread

how about think from another aspect. like me now , i am working, doing somethign really boring, but after work , it's my happy hour, i do sports, talking with my litter brother, watching tv with them. so i can still be happy. you can of couse