So Lonely

I am a single mother of two never been married...I want to meet a nice guy, fall in love and marry.
I have never had a man in my life that didn't cheat on me while I was carring his baby...yes I have two baby daddys.
It has always been me and my babies, no man has lived in my home for almost 15 yrs. I miss being held by some one over 14 yrs daughters I would love to be in a loving relationship, but my pass has made it hard for me to give myself without looking for something wrong with the man or asking lots of question right at the beginning.
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<p>Sometimes we meet our soul mates when we can't be with them. Hold onto hope, I have loved a woman for three decades now. I know we were meant to be together. But the timing was always wrong. I heard once that there are three kinds of love. Regular love, the kind you get over in a couple of months. Big love, you take a couple of years to get over. And Great love the kind that changes your life forever. She changed mine. She and I were meant for each other. If not in this life, then perhaps the next.</p>

dear... i'm so touched by your words. though i'm a young girl & don't have that much experience about life.. but still i know the pain of lonliness. i can understand you dear.
feeling so sorry for you...:(

Be patient. The right man is out there. Refuse to settle for less. You owe it to yourself and your babies.

Thanks...I have waited this long...I can wait some more:)

Well, sounds to me like you pick the wrong men!<br />
Maybe you should look for a man that loves children and knows how to treat a woman. <br />
Also, maybe you are looking in all the wrong places!<br />
Try looking at any other places you have not looked in the past!<br />
Good Luck! I am married to the most wonderful man in the world after many years of dating cheaters and abusive men until I prayed and prayed (Literally that God would help me meet a wonderful man that would treat me well.) and Guess what? I did!

Thanks Horseloversmom1971.....I have faith..It is said that there is someone for everyone, you just have to be open to recieve it and I have started to allow myself to be open and not so fast to shot down the men from lack of trust from my past relationships.