19 Year Old Girl Needs Somebody To Love

hello everyone :) ,
i know many people may think that i am too young to be worrying about not meeting the person that is right for me. i should be out enjoying myself and not looking for a serious relationship, but i just can't help it. i feel lonely even though i have many close friends, busy social life and i am moving out to university in September but i still have something missing and that is someone to share my love with.


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1 Response May 24, 2012

the desire for love has no age constraints. <br />
yes, on a practical level, you should be exploring and enjoying all that life puts before you. sometimes we can only fully immerse ourselves in these experiences if single. <br />
however, sometimes we feel that we do not get the most out of a situation unless it is shared with someone that we care about.<br />
the point i'm trying to make is that, if you feel that you need somebody special in your life, then that's a real and valid feeling. it doesn't matter what others may think on the subject of your age etc.<br />
all i would advise is, be discerning. don't just give your heart to the first person that comes along simply because you want somebody to love.<br />
<br />
good luck :)