Do Soulmates Really Exist?

I feel like all my close friends and even some acquaintances have all found their soulmates. They have been with their significant other for atleast a year or more. Im always the black sheep of my circle of people. I have trouble finding a relationship and when I do, they end up treating me horrible. I ask them how they know this person is the one and they say you just know. Ive never felt that way before. How do you know that theres someone for everyone? Some people die alone and have not found their soul mate yet. What do you guys think. Do soulmates exist?
Lindza Lindza
18-21, F
5 Responses May 29, 2012

It took me until I was 37 to meet my soul mate, we married 2 years ago. <br />
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If you keep being treated like crap by boyfriends the main common denominator in the situation is yourself. Time to address what you are doing that is attracting guys that brings out this bad behaviour. <br />
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I am am the writer of relationship coaching books '30 Day Dating Detox' & 'The Dating Expert' perhaps doing a re-boot in the way in which you are attracting your dates and trying something new to encourage a different type of guy to enter your world would be advantageous. Start approaching life in not looking for a soul mate but to enhance life experiences and add value to your own life.

@5hadow if u think itz a romantic notion then it will remain a fiction for you <br />
if u desire for a soulmate or for that matter anything with all your heart the universe will conspire to bring your soulmate or whatever u desire for but it wont happen in an instant u have to wait and be patient without losing hope and i come from country where 80plus % of marriages are arranged i have seen people find their soulmates in their wives even in the pre arranged marriages so keep hope and belief

ahhh... to be young and idealistic :)
I hope you find what or who you are looking for (or perhaps the universe will deliver for you). Your statistic just proves my point. Frankly, I think arranged marriages work better (but that's MY opinion)

yes they do exist and you just have to be patient and you will find yours

Sadly, soul-mates is just a fictitious romantic notion.<br />
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There are countries where marriages are still pre-arranged. You might think those would be destined to fail. Oddly enough, they are among the strongest and long lasting because the couple starts from square one and learns to love one another.<br />
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I will tell you two things: First, don't rush it and don't feel bad, you WILL find someone...when the time is right (I suspect you are the more mature of your group). Second, statistics and the law of averages say your friends will NOT remain couples and you can be pretty sure they are forcing it or just experiencing sexual compatibility.<br />
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My hunch is you are looking for more than someone to roll around and get sweaty in bed with.<br />
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Think about it, how likely is it that all your friends found their soul-mates locally? If it really happened, if I were you I would play the lottery because you live in the luckiest town in the universe! <br />
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Finding someone you are compatible with is great and wonderful...a soul-mate? bahahahahahahaha! that's up there with the easter bunny (sorry, the easter bunny doesn't really exist!)

I do believe that there is a right person for everyone, but I would encourage you in this way: Don't focus on looking for the right person, BE the right person. You will attract the right person if you focus being the right person, because that's what they will see. If someone takes an interest in you then they are attracted to something about you, so it's important that they are attracted to the right things.<br />
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I'm still searching for mine, but in the meantime I'm trying to focus on developing myself into the right person for them. It takes time, but anything worth doing is worth doing right :)

Well put Army. I will take those suggestions too.