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Getting Back Out There; Wherever That Is...

It has been about three months, I have hurt I have grieved, I have cried till i thought my head would burst.
A part of me is curious, who is out there? What sort of delightful and insightful discussions await me over coffee.
Maybe in a month or two I'll try a date.
My courage is working up.
Could I actually feel beautiful again?
you have to be strong to be out there , you  might face rejection.
but you cant live in a closet.
baby steps, book stores coffee shops, chatting with people at the super market
realizing there are great people out there
and someday
one will be right for me
but its one small step at a time.

starzzy31 starzzy31 26-30, F 2 Responses Jun 14, 2012

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Hi you seem pretty level headed to me and a caring person,you are also very attractive,so be patient,your love should arrive eventually,just wish I was younger.

Glad to see that you are looking up more and more each day... You are dear and will land on your feet, run. take-off and then soar again well above the clouds that burden your soul...very soon. Be patient with yourself and take care of your wounds...with help that is here right in front of you.