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You Are Out There...I Know It

My soul has been rested fertile garden soil waiting for a seed. You are out there, I know it... My heart was broken, but now is healing to a new form, a new shape, a new longing, and new open and safe warm space for love. She is there... I can see into her big bright eyes... I can smell her sweet feminine fragrance...I can hear her gentle and sweet voice... I can feel her soft and subtle skin... I can taste her moist sweet lips... She is there, as if I know her already. Her soul is suspended in time, waiting like mine. When will we meet? Where will we meet? How will we meet? I long for that defining moment when our hearts, our beings can be defined and completed. Who will be the one?

Celine paints my dreams, aspirations and hopes with "her":
Passionateheartman Passionateheartman 46-50, M 24 Responses Jun 19, 2012

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I am hoping to find my social one too. F/53

Never give up your soul mate is out there and she is looking and waiting for you too ,you're not alone.

I enjoy you how you write, how you ate so detailed. How you described. Beautiful, Brings emotions and cravings in me I became numb to. Thank you

Thank you!

this is lovely. thank you for these words. the search is wonder. the reward? love evermore! good luck. :)

Thank you!

Your writing is very moving and written from the heart and soul. I have no doubt that when you find the right person you will cherish her and you will be happy. It's not easy to have hope after going through what you have. But, you do. That in itself is a very good sign. Please keep us updated and let us know when you find her.

Thank you for your kind comments. Taking it slow for now...lots going on in my life right now...particularly caring for my mother who I recently had to have placed in a nursing home for special care.

Reading this put hope back in my heart. Thank you.

You are welcome...glad this encouraged you... Welcome to EP! ~D

How touching!

Very sweetly said....soul to soul...heart to heart. we all dream of that special someone...we want to crawl inside of...become one and never let go of them...

WOW! Nice
Im ready to meet you now ., :)

Sometimes we learn the qualities we want in a partner because those qualities were lacking in our former partner. I relate to your story and after a failed marriage I definitely know the next man in my life will be open with his feelings and affection. Best wishes for you going forward.

Thank you! . .and you are absoultely right. I realized how important open and honest communication and how tender physical warmth are vital to me in ana ibtimate relationship. Best to you too! ~D

You are so romantIc! I hope you find your soulmate soon :) I am not sure I believe in it anymore even though I still want to.

Thank you...believe it, pursue it and always have hope that your dream to connect with your soulmate will come true! It will.

Well When u find that perfect woman I am sure you will feel like a kid again.

Cheers to that! Thank you!

You seem like a very caring man who really knows what he wants in a woman. Just remember all good things come to those who wait.

Thank you... Lol! The way you write that reminds me of how I felt as a kid, two weeks before Christmas. :)

Very nice story Thank you for sharing this

Thank you for readung and commenting...and you are very welcome. :)

Wow...beautifully written. If if you can visualize it, you can will it to happen. Hope you find her soon. :)

Oh so beautiful...may you find this lucky woman soon. An excellent post ,thank you.

Thank you...appreciate you.

Never give up on the search...loves finds you when you least expect it!! It is the most wonderful feeling when you look up and it occurs to you...WOW!! They are there and you never saw it is wonderful and magical..embrace it when it finds you!

Thank you, Sweetie! I appreciate your encouragement to keep the faith.

I hate to break it to you, but your soulmate won't be everything you hoped for. You won't even know her when you see her. But you'll learn much more about yourself as your friendship grows with her. It'll be like she's a part of you, you wouldn't give her up just as you wouldn't give up your own vital organs. She'll reveal things you never knew about yourself, about your desires, about the things that make you happy. She'll make you wiser and you'll never look back.<br />
<br />
She won't be much at all that you hoped for. No, she'll be entirely new things that you could never have imagined before you met her!

Hey, thanks for your comments. I agree with most of what you say...great food for thought for sure. I wonder though... I think I will be able to identify a couple of very important personality pieces that I find important and necessary for me; that is, a woman who can freely express her wants, desires and life goals and ask questions about my inner heart...someone who can GENUINELY express deep care and compassion towards others (not just me), and certainly not the least - someone who is able to naturally express love through physical touch - that is huge for me (a "Love Language" thing). I appreciate how you say that she'll be able reveal things that I never knew about myself - that is an excellent point, and I believe that to be true. Thanks again.

^^ thanks!

I'm not much of a matchmaker, but your description of an ideal match for you sounds to me like a veterinarian. They seem to be very open to themselves and others about their feelings, they are very friendly and playful, they respond well to facial expressions, body language, and touch. They use words effectively to communicate simple messages, but to them non-verbal communication is much more meaningful. They are simple and loyal, and like to live life one step at a time, never knowing what will come tomorrow.

That's all a big oversimplification of course, but the veterinarians I have met seem to fit that description pretty well for the most part.

Great! how about finding one?! LOL

I never thought finding one would be the hard part. I always figured getting to know them would take more time. But if you have a really adorable pet and you take em in for regular check ups then you can strike up a lot of conversation when you walk in to the vet. My mom had a long-hair chihuahua who was absolutely adorable and friendly like you've never seen! They loved her over at the local vet, and she looked like she wanted to stay for a while to get to know them! Except she didn't like that temperature probe very much...

I get the Love Language, mine is Acts of rejection cuts deep for me.
I truly hope you find someone who speaks your language!

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very nice

Thank you

very beautiful and eloquently written...keep faith that "SHE" will find you

Thank you for your kindness and encouraging confidence

your very welcome

Very Touching...!!! In 'How I Met Your Mother' , Stella tells Ted that his soulmate is trying her best to reach him as fast as she can. I know thats true for you and everyone else. Hang in there buddy...and rejoice in the fact that your journey has already begun and its just a matter of time :-)

Thank you Pink... Life IS a journey, that is for sure. I beleive that our previous experiences shine light along new roads to guide us and cause us to follow... instinctively at the end to produce a healthy and happy soul. Our hopes and dreams are out in front of us! Have a great day!

I'm glad you no longer feel sad,I hope you can get happiness and happiness of new life :)

Thank you... I'm on my way! I appreciate your encouragement.

SHE is the one. It is now only time that keeps you apart. When time, and the mystery of love and the unseen powers of the universe are aligned, you will be brought together...and probably when you least expect it. Be patient, my friend. She is slowly drawing closer to that magnetic force, in effect, when one desires with all their heart.

I'm not sure who "SHE" is Carissimi, but I long for her. Patience is tough... it's a virtue that is hard to embrace right now..but I understand. Thank you.

"She," is the one who exists now, and will come into your life at some point. I was just answering your question of, "who will be the one?" :) I wish you all the best. You know the more intense the desire, the sooner, I think it will happen.

You have stepped out, your journey has begun...keep searching, waiting patiently, your gift is on her way.

Thank you Rose... you've been a guiding light to help me regain direction.