I Long For You

My life has been an empty place without her. I'm not sure who 'she' is, but I know she's perfect in every way, for me at least. I often fall asleep in my empty bed thinking of her. Where is she? Who is she? How can I find her? Her love will be gentle, honest, and bright. I know she has to be out there somewhere amongst the mass', but where do I begin. I know if i clear my mind and open my soul she will come for me, but i find myself collapsing under pressure and sorrow. I long for her so deeply. The loneliness kills me slowly every day. She is my salvation, my redemption. She is the catalyst ive been looking for. But as the days drag on my hope in finding her slowly slips away.
coltonallen coltonallen
18-21, M
2 Responses Aug 7, 2012

You're looking at it in the wrong way...when you no longer feel sad about being alone and when you realize that you are quite alright on your own, the right person will be put in your path. I've seen it happen to 2 people I am very close to. Don't make finding love your top priority, it will happen in it's own time.

Please keep hope Coltonallen, reading this had pulled on heart strings that we all have experienced or are experiencing or will experience. I will pray the love will find you. :-D

Thank u gemmaspurgeon