Does A Soulmate Exist For Everyone In This Life?

Hi! its so hard to find a soul mate, but I think its all worth it. But till how long one can wait? I am 46 YO and I just don't know How long I will continue my search? Will I give in and compromise? Does a soul mate really exist?
Hope I will get some motivation from others on this site and keep an open mind in my search.
Just updating this story, as the soulmate search continues.
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When you find your soulmate, you won't compromise. You will be matched with the perfect person and you will see the inner beauty and the outer potential. You won't want to keep looking. A soulmate is someone who is aligned with your energy and your heart. They are presented in your life to teach you and have you learn from them. It is greater than just a part time love. They are with you and you are with them. You know the moment you lay eyes on them. The fondness grows with each passing moment you are together. You bond and are reunited. It is magical. Even at 40-something, it is never too late. Be optimistic, put forth the time and investment. Make a list of the qualities you are looking for. Put this sheet of paper under your pillow and allow the Universe to line you up with your soul mate. Know the angels want you to find him!

Hi Saathshine,how are you! Yes......a soulmate is that wonderful someone in your life! But right now I would the things you want and need to do,for yourself.Keep livin,keep loving,keep dreaming,keep being.Your time will come......when that special one comes.........Ask,seek,knock!You,are enough.................even without that special someone,work on being the best you.........before you know it........that shining one will come! All the best!

I don't believe we need someone to complete us. One must be complete on their own, then maybe they will find that amazing person that complements them.

Here is a point of view from Yogis and other mystics who see into the world of energetics between people. It is that we are drawn to people to whom we have had emotional ties in past lives -- that that's the reason we sometimes have instant feelings for some upon meeting. It isn't a far step to think that we could meet someone with whom we have already built a loving relationship.

I like that description. Sometimes that person can be a child or simply just a friend. It doesn't have to be a lover. That is my view, because I've met people that there was that instant feeling of already knowing them on a deeper level. I don't believe in soul-mate as in needing that person to complete me. I am complete without another.

Great insight. Thanks. I like the idea of a ready-made mates, but I also appreciate the value to the soul of creating a successful relationship -- whether it be with a friend or relative or a life partner.

A true romantic would believe there is a soulmate for everyone. Many continue a search for a long time. Others find theirs sooner. Good luck in your search.

I tend to believe that they do. I have heard that we have several soulmates though we may not necessarily connect with them all during our lifetime they are there. I have connected with a few of mine, some very briefly and some are in my life today. I believe that though we have many that one is more special to us than the others, whether we are lucky enough to meet them in this can only wait to find out....

I am curious as to what the majority mean by soulmate. What's a soulmate for you Saath?

Hi Saathshine,

All I can say is don’t rob your self in this life. What I mean is that in the question about a soul mate, yes some do meet and live a life with someone that they would say is their soul mate.

Some do and some don’t, just don’t place any meaning in that.

They have, but I don’t, it is just a state of being.
Be you, be that being. Live in the NOW.

Each moment is new, and be new in this moment if you have someone special or not.

It’s a mind state.

I am 46 and this is a problem for me as well.. Good luck in your search

True Love Waites....for how no one knows..

I wish I knew....I struggle with this myself