About Me.

Hi. I am a graphic designer by profession. I love trekking and travel a lot. Like everybody I love to make friends and behave good with any one I come across. In life I believe in tolerance. I have a small publishing unit, to make it big I 'm leaving no stone unturned. Recently I got divorce and my little son Suvo is about eleven years. Every sun day he comes to me for the day. He says I am his best friend. Don't know what will happen when he grew up. But one thing I am sure about is, god has some big plans for me. Someday when I will have some surplus money I will spend it for orphans. Now I gift little things through some charitable organisations. My life has been like an ant on a leaf which is going through stream of a river, This ride sometimes touches the bank and then moves again. I know someday it will finally stop, but before that, I will do some meaningful things in life. Love you all.
bapi007 bapi007
36-40, M
Dec 2, 2012