Who Is Your Soulmate? (or How I Found and Lost Mine)

How do you know who's your soulmate?

Do you get some kind of vibe?

When you talk to them do you get butterflies in your stomach?

Or warmth in your heart?

When you are with them do you feel wrapped in a cocoon of pure joy and bliss?

When you look into their eyes, do you feel time has stopped and nothing else matters anymore?

When you are with them, does it feel the safest and happiest place?

When you hear their voice, do you calm down and every wrong thing seems ok?

Does this person always gives you glimpse of hope and happiness?

Does s/he make you feel capable and worthy all the time?

Does s/he nurture you to be the best 'you'?

And if s/he is taken, do you thank the stars and wish them happiness, because that's all you want them to have, and walk away?

Yes, THAT is your soulmate!!
PolkaDotGirl PolkaDotGirl
31-35, F
4 Responses Dec 4, 2012

Very well said-especially the last line.That indicates the maturity that will lead you into another good place-whether it's in a relationship or not.

I met my soul mate 10 years ago and we spent 18 magical months together.She was amazingly beautiful(to me,not to a lot of guys since she was chubby)smart,hilarious and simply perfect.We parted as reasonable adults(no rancor)and I wish her well to this day.

i am working on a meditation that for 5-10 minutes every day i envision my soulmate, what he feels like, looks like, i take myself thru a day with him cuddling on the couch , making dinner, butterflys when i see him, i get very detailed and really feel the feelings so i can vibrate them outward ...i focus on sending these visualizations out into the universe thru my third eye and letting him know thru my energy that im ready for him.
im 35 and have been thru so many failed relationships its exhausting. i know i need to focus more on me than on finding someone to make me whole, we all have what we need inside us, we need to get comfortable with just that and not need a man to fill a void, he will be here when we love ourselves enough to do our own self healing and be ready to love them bc we love ourselves enough to not settle for less than what we deserve!
i wish you luck on your soulmates arrival

very nice.. Something to toss around in my head.