She set her foot down gently, allowing it to submerge into the cool clear water and sink into the soft white sand underneath… Slowly she waded herself deeper and deeper. The sun sparkled endlessly on the surface of the water reflecting its gentle caresses over her face in webbed images. The sand slithered underfoot, as if each particle longed to be touched by her flesh, each rushing to greet her with a soft contented sigh. She continued further until the water kissed her lips and cloaked her from there down. And then she closed her eyes… allowed herself to feel weightless and completely loved. Each breath released was a sigh of the world itself.

She remained until the sun was stretching just to touch her one last time. And the moon longed for its turn to reflect in her eyes. The sand underneath was fast asleep, as was the forest surrounding… All was content with her near. All was safe.

The forest stirred only slightly as she silently waded back to shore. Upon her leaving, water droplets sadly glided down her flesh to return to their family in the pond. The night greeted her with its cool breeze happily caressing her entire being, knowing it would be recognized and appreciated.

She took it in like a lover. Accepted the worship and praise of her self. Allowed the night to complete her and fill her with a soul-trembling awe. It was hard for her to leave this place… Her place. And her movements were reluctant but constant. Her pace was steady, passing over and upon each blade of grass, soft fallen leaf, and small insects abode that resided eagerly in her path.

The undefined passage took her away from her liquid refuge, and deeper into the beating heart of the forest. Instinct was her guide. And the need… Following to a destination unknown, uncharted, unlike her… The nights soft caresses turned into a heavy gaze weighing upon her barren self. Possibly scrutinizing. Trees drew up and around her, clinging to her in fear but her feet would not stop moving. Pace was hastened and heart faltered not a beat to the trembling she felt within. But the need to be … where he is… was too intense to deny. Or question.

The moon retreated nearly an hour ago and the trees were left behind. Below her laid the crunching corpses of grass. Forgotten. Her steps were slow… anticipating. And the heart drum ceased to remain calm. Dirt clung to the soles of her feet, leaving their cold damp memory and keeping an imprint of where her warmth had been. Another emotion to long for… mourn over… hate her for…

When her heart began to steady… she felt the tremendous ‘lacking of’. And then there, in the center of nowhere, she felt his gaze upon her. Stopping, she could do nothing but close her eyes to feel. His gaze reached her fiercely, this beckoned intruder standing exposed upon his soil. And she humbly accepted his anger, for through the heaviness of his impending stare, she felt ‘him’ there.

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Wow. Why are you not on my bookshelf you beautifully old soul!!:3 Maybe one day my pen will draw miracles on paper like you yourself have just done..! I rated you up 5! thats how much I liked it:3

Thank you so much =)

i like that

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Very nice. Well written.

Thank you =)

why is he angry?

perhaps she has intruded into his chosen solitude, but why write him like this?

sorry, i'm not trying to be obtuse or pry into your life. i'm just very curious is all.

Thanks so much for your comments. This is an artistic prose, truly meant to be interpreted how one desires. However, the intent of this story was to fully explain opposites and the first points of their interactions.

creative/destructive... life/death... love/hatred... yin and yang.

Thanks so much for your questions =) I enjoy it very much!

it's a really cool approach. gets the reader thinking :)

Thanks so much for your comments on this. =)

so wonderful - thank u

Thank you for liking it =)

Just wonderful! so sensual too, you are very gifted~

Thanks for thinking that! =))

You write with such sensitivity... I was enthralled reading this!

Wow Thank you WindSylph. That means a lot, as I admire your writing abilities too =) Appreciate your comment. ♥


Thanks =)

Only after reading some of your work have I realised how much your comment on my story means. You are an amazing writer and have furthered my joy to have found this site.

Love the truncated sentences! :) <3

Thanks for the kind words. =) Glad you liked it. It needs to be refined a bit as this was really a first draft, and I can see some places where it needs polished, but I just wanted to get it out there for now lol Thanks for the compliments =)

wow. beautiful. a masterpiece of a canvas painted with the universe of color in your words. each stroke deliberately and wonderfully executed. encore!!

awwwe Thanks!! =)

Very nice indeed; especially the adjectives.

Thank you. :)

Great story. Please add me. Thanks.

Sure =)


Thanks =)

you're welcome.

Truly a great read, and well written. Love how you let go and deeply express yourself, the passions you feel, and what you desire. Just Imagine a real Soulmate aka: Bershirt, that is totally ment for you, has your name all over it. You know because, you feel the passion in their words, their pain, sorrow, and the passion they have for life. You meet, as you walk to each other, or him to you your karma, aura, and the magical feeling of souls thru the windows of your eyes lock on, it brings you closure, and closure, till their sent of being, and self take over you smile and the engery of the smile brings you closer, then as you embrace for the first of many hugs, their sent, feeling, self and body form are to lost puzzle pieces that lock together, you look to eye others eyes, and that first kiss is like firey magic that takes your breath away for your so in tune your lost in the feeling of the kiss which passionately takes your breath away, causing you to loose all sense of where you are. Once you have regained the reality of the situation, and time you realize omg this is the one. As you spend time together it feels so right, that going about you dates away from each other you feel lost with out them only to feel whole when with them. You also realize that as you chat they are so intune with your thoughts and being they can finish your sentences and know how you feel, do things to bring out the good in you, and comfort you in dear times of need, whether you tell them or not fore they can read, and understand all the clues, of self, body lanuage, and what you are showing others. They are the one for they know what you are desiring, craving, needing, wanting, dream about, and take the time to explore and learn before asking, or requesting from you. WHen I see your photos, and read your words all the above is what I feel. x x Peter

Wow, Thanks Peter, for this beautifully written and heartfelt response. I appreciate your words and thoughts!

Written by a woman that soaks in so much of life yet so desires to share it with that special some body.

Thanks for being able to 'see' through my words to the essence of me. I appreciate your words.