My Biggest Wish

My deepest and most secret dream is to find my soulmate. I may be young but how many in the world get to find their soulmate? Is there someone out there for me and if there is, what is he doing and when will we cross each others paths.
It's a lifetime quest but I know that good things comes to those who wait. Maybe that other person is sitting and thinking that exact same thing.

I just wish there was a sign.
Deepess Deepess
22-25, F
1 Response Jan 19, 2013

Deepess, we all have more soul mates, but only one twin soul. There's only one sign: your feelings. When you meet your soul mate, all your feelings toward other persons will feel completely pale. Your soul mate doesn't have to be on the same level of development as you are, he can try to change you for his own special needs. It hurts as hell when you have to separate from your soul mate, but sometimes it must be done for your own health...