Superman Wants To Find His Lois Lane (soulmate) 2013

I'm a ((( Paraplegic ))) with a Spinal Cord Injury. I'm 100% independent and very established. I consider myself to be a guud looking guy but being honest, dating is so hard and now and days. I understand safety issues on all levels. When I was growing up it was alot more simplier than what it is now. Why? It would be nice to find Ms Right and someone who understands me. They also want to take the time to see what a great guy I am. I would also do the same far as getting to know them as well. I'm a 37 year old single black male and my preferance is to date a Caucausin woman. Nothing like that Interracial Luve. I feel chemistry and attraction at all levels are very important when it comes to finding that special someone. The reason why I say this is because we as individuals know what we like and what draws our attention. Just like food- we know what we like to eat so if you don't like Broccoli why would you waste ur money and by something that is not to your liking? Lol!!! I'm just saying. I'm more drawn to having a beautiful partner in my life compared to being single. Seriously, all these luvely women out here in the world, I still have to question why is it a guud looking man like me still single?
GeorgeCurious37 GeorgeCurious37
36-40, M
Jan 26, 2013