There Is Someone For Everyone

I have always had this deep desire in my heart for as long as I can remember (even as a child) to fall in love and marry my soulmate.  That one person who knows me almost better than I know myself.  The best why I can describe it is a "mutual love."  I have prayed and hoped and wished that God would send this person to me as I am a single "not yet divorced mother of three" with so much love to give.  "A simple life is all I desire."  A life filled with love, respect, quiet moments, gentleness, and an appreciation for one another.
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You know what is true in your heart, follow what it says to you. Your soul mate is here walking the earth at the same time as you. Many many many blessing a loving heart is gift!

I don't think its fantasy at all to wish and deserve to be another's warmest hello and their hardest goodbye. 'Do what you feel in your heart to be right-- for you'll be criticized anyway.' - Eleanor Roosevelt

There is no such thing as soulmates being the ONE, we can have many soulmates on our lives, not a life partner, you can have best friends as soulmates too, but I fear that you will roam through life looking for the ONE, and never find them, leaving you let down an sad and again looking for this person, please see a therapist to gain insight ad to why you need to fill this childhood fantasy, as this is what you have, please don't feed this, you could have the love .of your life and lose them because they don't fit criteria that doesnt exist outside your fantasy Xxxx

Just wondering if you ever thought your ex husband was your soulmate? I have the belief that we have more than one.

I loved only a couple of girls and they didn't love me back...I don't know what to think now,I have strong doubts about if there's someone for me or not,the path of my life is so uncertain and dark that feels like if I'm going to abyss...

the waiting is so hard....i pray you find him....and i pray that mine finds wishes

I'm still waiting lol living in hope that one day it will happen x

I pray and hope u find him, I pray for the same thing. Don't settle but comprimise as everyone has flaws but it's about if u can tolerate those flaws...i am seperated not yet divorced with 2 kids and there are a lot of frogs out there but have faith he is out there. The best advice I have ever got, date yourself and fall in love with yourself and then those who are worthy of you will appear.

Some psychologists wrote that the ones who believed they married their soulmates, have a higher probability of having dysfunctional families. The test is probably to know how ugly he/she gets and still love him/her.

I do believe he there somewhere waiting 4 u

fuuny so many of are looking but it seems noone is finding

You are so hopeful...All the best!<br />
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To Dorobo, yes you are true, most of the time, we tend to be in a hurry...Unknowingly, we settled for a scratch. Now, as I got free, I will wait for the best one to come. I he would still come.

I do believe that there is someone for everyone, I just haven't met her yet.. But I will someday.. :)

Although I believe that there is someone for everyone, I do not believe that there is a 'perfect' person. We must learn to love 'that' imperfect person we meet, perfectly. There is no such thing a 'perfection' in a partner.

Not going to make it some long drawn out story.....I am single plan and simple. I would like to find someone that would be specail in my life. Was married for near 15 some years....wife got it into her head that she is into older twice her own 80 year olds that are 12 or so years OLDER then even her own mother....get the picture. Divorced now for 10 years, still single, warm, kind, easy going, down to earth, playful, loving, loyal and romantic as well...!<br />
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Not a boozer, in fact very rarely have a drink and when I do...its just a drink and not the whole keg..! No drugs...and never had a STD of any sort in my life...and sure as hell not going to start now...!<br />
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Any takers.....?

Bless x

Had been praying to find my soulmate for ages....yes I guess there is always someone for everyone, but then again, it might not be a person, perhaps it is more of God has plans for us only He would know....may not always be marriage - I sometimes think that if I dont meet the right man (who is always so elusive), I can focus my efforts to activities which help the less fortunate.

I really thought I had wrote that,up until the end.******* I think I did anyway.I will feel good wit all sorts of women in my face,dancing,and grinding, make a wife out of hiding