I was 14... just fall in love with one girl..her home is just in our campus she just stayed near one basket ball ground.I was doing my doing my 9th std..haha..i must cross her home to reach my bus stop....once i cross her home i just saw her oh wow! what a girl..her eyes seems extreme close up to me i still now can't forget her eyes..i continue my watching she suddenly chase me and go be then only i knew that her bus stop just opposite to my bus stop...then i continue following her..i hav to be in bus stop if i get ready from my home by 8am i can reach bus stop at 8:30am but i got ready at at 7:30am..for her then i followed her everyday i saw her..she saw me...wonderful moments..every sunday after church service in our campus every families and friends sharing a dinner with us one garden..i often saw her and in that time ..she too..one day after dinner we both were walking together..in my in my 14th birthday i followed her. she make fun of me she hiding somewhere and try to cheat me..i gave chocolate to her..she simply took one with smiling face and wished me i also gave chocolate to her friends but saw her only...i remember her smile that moment was sweeter than a chocolate...Then one summer leave i came to my cousin's home...after two months i came back and i saw her house it was closed....i heard that her father got transfer...can't forget her i stood there with tears...now too type this sharing with tears...am still waiting her searching her.....
tichico tichico
26-30, M
Aug 15, 2014