I know a lot of people find the term "soulmate" to be overrated. But I think it is one of the most beautiful nouns in the human language. I have not met mine yet, but I know I will. I don't know how he will be, or how our relationship will be. For now, though, I shall remain patient, and live my life with unlimited fun and no regrets.
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I have an image in my mind about my soulmate- like I know him from a past life and am waiting for him to show up again. The image is vivid in my mind and in my heart- is this possible? It's like I had amnesia and know someone I love very much but can't remember what they look like...

Wish you the best! You sound like a lovely lady! :) 👍


"As you can see from the gray line, women rate an incredible 80% of guys as worse-looking than medium. Very harsh. On the other hand, when it comes to actual messaging, women shift their expectations only just slightly ahead of the curve, which is a healthier pattern than guys’ pursuing the all-but-unattainable. But with the basic ratings so out-of-whack, the two curves together suggest some strange possibilities for the female thought process, the most salient of which is that the average-looking woman has convinced herself that the vast majority of males aren’t good enough for her, but she then goes right out and messages them anyway."

"Females of OkCupid, we site founders say to you: ouch! Paradoxically, it seems it’s women, not men, who have unrealistic standards for the “average” member of the opposite sex."

You are going to be waiting a long time because most normal decent flawed good nice men will never be enough for most women it seems, let's hope you are different.