I think I had a soulmate that I didn't appreciate and lost. Now I'm on an endless search for someone to fill the void in my heart. I don't want someone to complete me because I think one must be complete themselves in order to have a wholesome relationship. I know happiness comes from within.... It's more like I have a blurry image of a man in my mind that I'm trying to make out and bring into focus. I actually search for this person daily and believe that i will recognize him the minute I actually do lay eyes on him. Has anyone felt like they were searching for a specific person but don't know who it is? In your heart you know you are searching for a specific individual and are just waiting for them to show up in your life? That is what I'm experiencing now. He's tall dark and handsome- he's funny, athletic, successful and charming. He smiles at me often. He's the man of my dreams.... I know one day he will stumble across me because we were meant to be.
Millionairess1 Millionairess1
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1 Response Aug 23, 2014

You probably have even dreamt of him right?