He Is Out There Somewhere...

I really do believe that God has someone for me that will be just what I need. He will fill a part of my life that is empty right now. I do believe that I have a soulmate, but I don't know where he is.
SavedByGrace14 SavedByGrace14
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4 Responses Aug 23, 2007

Me neither. I've had such massive hardships and I've done the work required of me to embrace a healthy relationship now. How to find the person is the million dollar question.

i am working on a meditation that for 5-10 minutes every day i envision my soulmate, what he feels like, looks like, i take myself thru a day with him cuddling on the couch , making dinner, butterflys when i see him, i get very detailed and really feel the feelings so i can vibrate them outward ...i focus on sending these visualizations out into the universe thru my third eye and letting him know thru my energy that im ready for him. im 35 and have been thru so many failed relationships its exhausting. i know i need to focus more on me than on finding someone to make me whole, we all have what we need inside us, we need to get comfortable with just that and not need a man to fill a void, he will be here when we love ourselves enough to do our own self healing and be ready to love them bc we love ourselves enough to not settle for less than what we deserve!i wish you luck on your soulmates arrival

lust4animatedelight says: i understand....i feel your pain

none of us do, the wait may be torturous but it is all for a reason.